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​24 Hour Teeth

The other dentists watch and discuss techniques with Dr. Gibney.

Gerald is a newer patient. He lives in North Carolina. His dentist was attending September 2017's 24 Hour Teeth Hands-on course and knew Gerald would be a great candidate for this technique.

​Gerald came to the office with dentures.

This is Gerald's 24 Hour Teeth Story.

Day Two

Gerald comes into the office first thing on Day One.

While he is prepped for surgery, Dr. Gibney reviews and plans implant placement with the other dentists including Gerald's personal dentist from North Carolina.

After CT scans are reviewed and implant locations are planned, Dr. Gibney begins implant surgery.

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The balance of the afternoon is spent preparing the temporary teeth for Gerald.

Dr. Gibney scans the impressions and creates the temporary teeth using computer software. This file is sent to the dental mill which will mill out the teeth into a puck overnight.

The bottom implants have all been placed. Dr. Gibney was able to put 8 implants in.

He takes a break from surgery to take impressions of the bottom implants with posts screwed in. He also takes a few minutes to review the upper surgery plan with the other dentists.

Nick's smile changed drastically within 24 hours.  If you are interested in this process, call us today!

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Day One

Gerald's 24 Hour Teeth Story

Surgery on the lower arch is complete.

Gerald is able to go home and rest for the rest of the day.

Gerald comes in very early on Day Two. Day Two is always very quick for the patient.

The temporary teeth are cemented in and Gerald is on his way!

The temporary teeth will typically remain in the patient's mouth for 4-6 months. They act as a cast to let the implant sites heal.

Gerald's dentist assists in the implant surgery.

​Dr. Gibney has developed a revolutionary technique for creating a beautiful smile within 24 hours. 


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Gerald comes back down to Florida to have his final restorations cemented in. He has his smile back and feels great!

Day Two begins bright and early by taking the temporary teeth out of the mill.

Dr. Gibney and the other dentists examine the temporary teeth.

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The second part of surgery begins on the upper arch. 

Dr. Gibney adds some stain to the grooves of the teeth to make them look more realistic.