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​24 Hour Teeth

​Dr. Gibney has developed a revolutionary technique for creating a beautiful smile within 24 hours. 


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To the right is a video of our dental mill in our lab hard at work.

In this specific video, it is milling a full arch for a 24 Hour Teeth case.

This arch was part of a 24 Hour Teeth Case.

If you are interested in trying our dental lab, please contact Joyce at (352) 686-4223!

​​​​There are two distinct parts of 24 Hour Teeth:

1) Immediate load full arch dental implants

2) Fabricating crown and bridges in the office

These 18 units were made in one day by Dr. Gibney in his lab.

With the software and dental mill, the LAB can create crown and bridges for many dental cases.

James W. Gibney, DMD

Dental Implants

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