​Dr. Gibney has developed a revolutionary technique for creating a beautiful smile within 24 hours. 


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Dr. Gibney cements the upper arch into Louis' mouth and it's a perfect fit.

Day One

Using the impressions just taken, Dr. Gibney pours a cement mix into them. They are left for some time to harden.


Bone Graft

In some implant surgeries, a bone graft is required. This happens when a patient doesn't have enough bone to insert an implant post. A bone graft is done by cutting to create flaps in the gums and then inserting bone. It is packed in to give support.

These are photos from Louis' bone graft.

After cemented in, Dr. Gibney will take impressions. This helps him create the upper arch. The process is split like this so that the bite between the two arches matches comfortably and functionally for the patient. Dr. Gibney will create the upper arch the same way the lower was with the box scanner and then send the digital design to the mill. The upper arch will mill overnight.

​Delivering Lower 24 Hour Teeth

Dr. Gibney takes some time before the surgery to review the CT scans.

He plans his case and digitally places the implant posts within the patient's scan.

There are many different types of implants and the ones that Dr. Gibney uses are available in the CT software.

This allows Dr. Gibney to choose the implant and manipulate the placement to be most compatible with the patient's anatomy.

Once the impression is hardened, it can be placed in the digital scanner. This machine will rotate the impression and then upload a digital version to a computer.

Louis' denture and lower prosthetic

Louis comes into the office early on Day One to begin surgery.

His day begins by taking a CT scan of his mouth. This will help Dr. Gibney know the best locations for the dental implants. It is important to place implants in enough bone and away from nerves.

Below is Louis' surgical guide. It is premade by Dr. Gibney. There are predrilled holes in certain teeth to help guide implant placement. This guide stays in place while Dr. Gibney drills the holes for the implant posts. Typically he uses a surgical guide for all upper cases, not lowers.

Louis returns to the office at the end of the day. Dr. Gibney injects cement into the newly created lower arch and places them on the lower implant posts.

Not only are these temporary teeth pleasing to the eye, but they act as a cast to the implants for the next 4-6 months while the sites heal.

Meet Louis!

 Louis is a new patient of Dr. Gibney's. He was interested in 24 Hour Teeth as an alternative to the dentures he had. He was tired of taking them out and was excited to be denture-free! To the right is Louis with his dentures in.

This is Louis' 24 Hour Teeth story.

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Day Two begins with Dr. Gibney removing the upper arch from the mill.


Day Two

The mill begins creating the temporary 24 Hour Teeth. It is milling Louis' lowers first. The mill normally takes a few hours to create a full arch of teeth. When it is finished, Dr. Gibney takes the puck out of the mill and carefully drills the arch out (as seen in the video to the left).

After Dr. Gibney drills holes using the surgical guide, he removes the guide. Next he uses a drill or hammer to place the implant posts into the already drilled holes. The silver shown on the left are implant posts with 2 that are seen already placed and 1 being drilled in.

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​24 Hour Teeth

Louis' 24 Hour Teeth Story


Surgery on the top and bottom is done! Louis has 19 implants now; 10 on top and 9 on the bottom. Surgery lasted for approximately 2 1/2 hours.

​After taking post-surgical impressions, Louis is sent home for to rest. We'll see him later in the day for delivery of his bottom arch.

​Delivering Upper 24 Hour Teeth

After the scan is complete and uploaded to the computer, the teeth can be designed. Once the teeth are designed, the file is transferred to the mill.

Louis' smile changed drastically within 24 hours.  If you are interested in this process, call us today!

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The big reveal - Louis' first time seeing both upper and lower arches cemented in.

The upper implants have all been placed. Now surgery will begin on the lower arch.

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