​​​“Dr. Gibney is the best dentist I’ve ever had work on my teeth.  He also worked on my children and my friends. I recommend him to everyone. Thank you Dr. Gibney.”

- Dawn, April 2017, Wellness

"Best dentist in town. I'm singing with no pain and shiny teeth!"

- Pete, July 2017, Facebook

"James Gibney, on Spring Hill drive is a wonderful dentist....been seeing him for 20 years. He's the best!!"

- Shirley, September 2016, Nextdoor

Patient Reviews

"Best dentist I have ever had! Very smart. His implant work is incredible. His staff is really kind."

- May 2015, RateMDs

"It feels like home walking into Dr. Gibney's office!!! Everyone is so nice."

- June 2015, RateMDs

“Dr. Gibney and his staff are phenomenal and I'm thankful to have found such a wonderful Doctor. Everyone in the office has such positive, wonderful and welcoming attitudes which is very rare these days. I've been a patient of Dr. Gibney's for over 10 years and when I walked in the door the first time, I instantly went from being scared of the dentist to feeling comfortable, at ease and like family. Dr. Gibney and his staff are very attentive to my needs and will answer and explain any question that I have. I had very bad teeth and numerous cavities so I'm in the process of getting implants. I never smiled with my teeth showing even as a child until now. I have beautiful, white and straight teeth that make me feel so good about myself and that's all because of Dr. Gibney and his staff. Dr. Gibney gave me his cell phone number and no matter the day or time Dr. Gibney is available which is extremely rare. I've referred friends, family and even strangers who've complimented my smile.”

- Julie, November 2015, Wellness

"Dr. Gibney has taken care of my smile for almost 30 years! Would not go anywhere else! His staff is like family!"

- Doreen, July 2017, Facebook

"Our dentist for life!"

- Joanne, April 2017, Facebook

“Dr. Gibney's family and staff have always gone above and beyond to help me. I was recommended by a dentist who refused to treat me to see Dr. Gibney. That turned out to be a good day. Because of Dr. Gibney's care and patience, the quality of life with my mouth and teeth gets better and better.”

- Dean, November 2015, Wellness

"Wow… I LOVE MY DENTIST AND HIS STAFF!! I can smile again, all the pain & dizziness I've had for the last year is completely gone, all the infections are gone and I feel amzaing!! I love my front teeth!! You reconstructed a masterpiece Dr. Gibney and staff!! Thank you so much for saving my teeth today and giving me hope for my future implant plans. There is no way you're just another dentist, you are an artist!! When another dentist tells you they can't fix your teeth and gives you this huge scary estimate, don't listen!! Just go to Dr. Gibney!! So blessed that he worked with me on affordable options to choose from!!"

- Carrie, July 2017, Facebook

​​​"Dr. Gibney gave me one implant and a couple of crowns. He also advocated for me when another dental professional did not inform me of a problem. Dr. Gibney saved me from a long term issue that I would have had to live with except for his intervention. I am very grateful."

- July 2015, RateMDs

“I had to see Dr. Gibney one time and have a tooth extracted. The tooth broke off and Dr. Gibney was professional enough to stop the exam and refer me to an oral surgeon rather than risk breaking into my sinus. This was the fault of the tooth not the Dr. On top of that after being with the Dr. for over an hour as well as his staff, he did not charge me for the visit. That is a professional who knows his limitations. I have the utmost confidence in him and his judgement, and highly recommend him."

- 2009, Google

​​​​​​"James Gibney on Spring Hill drive is the best. The most professional, educated, cost effective with remarkable personal attention."

- 2014, Nextdoor

​​​​“It has taken me several years since coming to Florida to find a dentist that I have such complete confidence in as I do Dr. Gibney. My next-door neighbor recommended him and it is well worth the drive from Crystal River to have not only such a competent dentist but also one with such compassion. His office is like a family. You are always greeted with a warm smile and a cheery hello-- by name. He takes pride in his accomplishments when he is able to correct your dental problems. Scheduling appointments is done with ease and minimal delay all for a very reasonable fee. Dr. Gibney makes himself available at all times of need by giving you his cell number and instructions to call him if needed at any time. He has certainly gained us as part of the Gibney family!!!”

- Joe, April 2015, Wellness

"Dr. Gibney and his staff are caring, knowledgeable, and very proficient. Their office is very welcoming, and makes you feel at home."

- Tony, March 2017, Facebook

​​​“Dr. Gibney and his staff are the best! He cares about his patients. I chipped my 2 front teeth and he fixed them over the weekend. He was very precise and made sure I liked the way they looked and felt before he would let me step foot outside his office. If you want a dentist you can trust and that cares Dr. Gibney is the dentist for you."

- Heather, April 2017, Wellness

"Best dentist I have ever had, and I had almost given up on finding a good one in Spring Hill. Dr. Gibney is wonderful. He's very good at what he does and he's a genuinely good person to boot.  I always leave his office with a smile. Great, great dentist!"

- April 2017, RateMDs

“He is by far the best dentist that I have ever had. After experiencing bad results from previous dentists, I spent years putting off having my teeth attended to. When Dr. Gibney started to work on my teeth that had been discolored by medication years ago, he undertook putting caps on 28 of my teeth that were affected. Some of the prior dentistry work left me with bad teeth that required implant surgery before having caps added. I proceeded to have all teeth capped after the necessary implants and I am amazed and satisfied at what he has accomplished. My teeth look amazing and everyone likes my new smile! He and his staff are outstanding and I am so lucky to have found my way to his office.”

- Luke, December 2015, Wellness

"He is a great dentist and very caring and knowledgeable."

- Vera, March 2017, Facebook

“What a pleasant surprise, it's still possible to find a dental office with the 'good ole day's’ feeling. Dr. Gibney and his entire staff are the best experience I've ever encounter in a dental office and in 69 years I've been to a few. I'd have no problem sending my grandkids here and that's saying a lot. No one enjoys going to the dentist but this office makes it easier.”

- Bruce, May 2016, Facebook

“Very thorough, knowledgeable and nice.”

- Kathleen, October 2015, Wellness

“The best dentist ever. Highly recommend him.”

- Chester, March 2017, Facebook

“I have always taken great care of my teeth.  When I developed a toothache, I found a reputable dentist online with good ratings.  After my first visit, I called an acquaintance who referred me to Dr. Gibney. As a snowbird, I was in urgent need of a good dentist, and Dr. Gibney was absolutely excellent. I arrived at 4:30pm and he and his staff stayed late to help me. The entire procedure was followed up by two more inspections. I would refer Dr. Gibney. He is the best! His prices are low and his care good."

- Chris, February 2016, Healthgrades

​​​​​"My opinion is Dr. James Gibney is the best dentist in the world. The whitening treatment I was prescribed was "Opalesence" and the results are radiant and beautiful. I would highly recommend this treatment and also Dr. Gibney."

- Denise, June 2017, Healthgrades

“Excellent dentist, staff and service! Only does what’s required and never pushes any extra services that are not required.”

- Matthew, February 2017, Google

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“In almost 70 years I've been to a few dental offices in my time. This office and the entire staff are exceptional, exude warmth and create an air of trust not often found in this day and age.”

- Bruce, June 2016, Wellness

“Dr. Gibney is awesome. He’s very friendly and funny, and makes you feel comfortable. His pricing is beyond reasonable. Even for the tougher of jobs. I would suggest him to anyone.”

- Morgen, March 2011, Wellness

"Dr. Gibney and all his staff are amazing!"

- Terry, October 2016, Nextdoor

"My experience has taught me to be "sensitive" when it comes to choosing my own dentist....  Deciding to see Dr. Gibney was great today, as I awoke this morning with a dull mixture of on/off headache and toothache, but couldn't tell if it wasn't my tooth. So I called Dr. Gibney's office and was seen promptly in the afternoon. Upon arriving, I was cordially greeted by Dr. Gibney at the reception window and made me feel welcomed in a caring atmosphere... I respect and appreciated his integrity, honesty, and his confidence. I am SMILING!!! THANK YOU Joyce and Rhonda. You both are awesome, too."

- Holly, July 2015, Yelp

“Dr. Gibney is the best dentist I have ever seen. He listens to his patients and goes above and beyond to give them the very best dental experience. He is a perfectionist in the procedures he performs and is not satisfied until the results are exactly what they should be. I have never met a more caring group of people in my life. After having numerous extractions and implants done, his staff or Dr. Gibney himself has telephoned me to check and see how I was feeling. I don't know of any doctors that do that. He encourages you to tell him exactly how you're feeling. Even if you think a little pain is normal, he wants to know about it and does everything he can to make you as comfortable as possible. His office is like one big family and they make you feel you are part of it. I can't say enough great things about Dr. Gibney and his office. If you want a personalized and caring dental experience, Dr. Gibney is your guy.”

- Pat, November 2015, Wellness

"If you are looking for a dentist in the Tampa Bay area that is professional, caring, dedicated, knowledeable and puts your best interest above all, then Dr. Gibney is your dentist. He and his staff have been the best. I have had a lot of issues with my teeth in my life, and I have NEVER met anyone like Dr. Gibney. I felt extremely comfortable and at ease, he explains what he is doing (or going to do) and for follow ups he has made himself available to meet my needs, accommodating me by meeting me after normal business hours, so I don't have to take time off from my job. I know that I now have a dentist for life!!! Thank you so much to Dr. Gibney and his staff - they are truly the best - and I would highly recommend them to anyone!!! Although Dr. Gibney's office is located in Spring Hill, I would drive the extra mile, and put my faith into his hands!!!"

- Joanne, August 2017, Wellness

“I used to be afraid of going to the dentist until Dr. Gibney! He and his staff are wonderful! They care about the patient and they care about the work they do. He is definitely the best dentist and the only one I want to go to!"

- Cindy, December 2016, Facebook

"I use James Gibney on 1433 Parker Ave. in Spring Hill. Just East of Bank American on Spring Hill Drive. Closest and best around. 352 686-4223. You will like the guy"

- 2014, Nextdoor

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A smile is more than just a collection of teeth. It is a powerful tool when interacting  with others, both socially and professionally. When a person loses their smile there is often a profound loss of self esteem and social confidence.

Dr. Gibney has dedicated his entire career to helping patients regain lost smiles.

The reviews below are from actual patients treated by Dr. Gibney at his office in Spring Hill, FL.

​​​​​​​“This is hands down the best dentist in Spring Hill. He’s honestly the best, and I am beyond happy that I’ve found a dentist who genuinely cares. His staff is great as well. I always leave happy!”

- Jennifer, April 2017, Google

"My favorite dentist in the whole world!! First visit was 15 years ago and will never change dentists! He's the type of dentist that you dread going in when you know you haven't done right with your teeth...just for the simple fact you don't want to disappoint him. About how you felt with your parents when you did bad in school or something...they don't say anything but the sighs or the look you know it isn't good...ha. I'm not running anymore I'm going in for appointment asap! ha. I promise!”

- Joseph, February 2017, Facebook

“Outstanding care and concern for me as a patient. At 65 years old it is the first time that I am not afraid of my dentist. Such quality care for my aging teeth.”

- Joanne, April 2017, Google

“Hello Dr. Gibney! Just thought I'd drop a line and say high after all this time of 23 years. I found my fit in an office that this month makes 20 years! Willy still has his implants and has always eaten well with them… lol. He also says Hi. I hope everyone is well including Mary.”

- Julia, March 2015, Wellness

“I'm terrified of dental work and Dr. Gibney and his staff always put me at ease and do excellent work! It's the only dental office I've ever left with a smile on my face. They are great at what they do and truly care about their patients!”

- Ashley, May 2015, Facebook

 “Dr. Gibney and his staff are excellent!! Best dentist I have ever been to. He is obviously very dedicated to his patients, even gives out his phone # to reach him on off hours in case you need him. He was upfront with options and prices so you could make an informed decision on what course of treatment you wanted. I would highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a dentist that cares about his patients.”

- Karen, October 2012, Wellness

​​​"Been visiting for about 13 yrs, feel he is the best dentist on East coast bar none.  Makes everyone feel at home."

- Theresa, June 2017, Facebook

"I needed alot of dental work done.  My eye tooth never came down so my upper teeth shifted over.  I never felt comfortable to smile.  I finally had the nerve to visit Dr. Gibney's office.  He is a Miracle Worker.  I now have a beautiful smile because of him and his wonderful staff.  I thoroughly recommend everyone to have Dr. Gibney as their dentist.  With all the dental work I received,  I felt absolutely no pain.  The office completely made me feel like family!"

- Jo-Anne, August 2016, Yelp

“After another local dentist was unable to numb my tooth enough to extract it...Dr. Gibney agreed to see me the same day. He numbed the tooth and pulled it with absolutely NO PAIN! He and his staff were so nice and you can tell they actually care about you! I cannot thank them enough!”

- Janet, November 2014, Facebook

James W. Gibney, DMD

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​​​"Dr. Gibney and his staff were so very professional and were able to accommodate my schedule. I came in with a broken tooth and not much hope… I ended up getting a lot of work done and my smile back. I have never met such a nice staff and the work they did gave me my confidence back. I now feel like smiling again. They did such a great job and transformed not only my smile but my life. Thank you Dr. Gibney and your entire staff.”

- Joel, May 2017, Wellness

“Dr. Gibney and his staff make you feel like family.”

- Donna, February 2015, Wellness

“I was afraid of the dentist until going to Dr. Gibney today. Everybody there is very nice and Dr. Gibney pulled four teeth, quick and painless. Thank you Dr. Gibney. Not scared of the dentist anymore. “

- Joseph, February 2017, Facebook

“I have seen Dr. Gibney for almost 20 years and I couldn’t be happier!!! I fly in from North Carolina when I need work done and he fits me in, no questions asked. He’s practically part of the family, he gets 100 out of 100 in my bag.  There is nobody better and I’ve never been happier with any dentist that I’ve seen in North Carolina!! I don’t know what I would do without him.”

- Allison, March 2016, Healthgrades

​​​​​​“This is THE best dentist in Spring Hill and I am so happy I found him. A friend of mine told me to go to him after I was depressed about the last dentist I went to. Dr. Gibney is an old-fashioned dentist, meaning he’s not a salesman and he tells you what you really need and doesn’t try to pressure you to do anything more. He also listens to you and really cares about people. The staff is just as great and I really feel like I’ve found a hidden gem of dentists with him. Couldn’t be more pleased!”

- Jennifer, April 2017, Healthgrades

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"Most amazing dentist ever. The only one I would ever trust with my family."

- Diana, June 2015, Facebook

"Dr. Gibney is THE best! I am so thankful I was referred to him. He's not only a great dentist, but he's also a great person who genuinely cares about his patients. The staff is excellent too. I always leave there with a smile!"

- Jen, April 2017, Facebook

“Wonderful dentist”

- Linda, December 2015, Wellness