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​24 Hour Teeth

​Dr. Gibney has developed a revolutionary technique for creating a beautiful smile within 24 hours. 


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Day One

Ralph poses with Dr. Gibney and some of the other dentists that were involved in the 24 Hour Teeth course. His new smile is on display!

Now that Ralph is out of surgery and home healing, Dr. Gibney scans the impressions into his computer system.

Using the two impressions, Dr. Gibney can create the temporary teeth and work on the bite occlusal.

It is important for both the upper and lower teeth to fit together comfortably for the patient.


In the image to the right, another dentist is practicing what is explained above. He is scanning an impression and reviewing the computer generated images.

Day Two begins for Ralph at 10:00 am. His upper and lower temporary teeth have successfully milled over night. They are ready to be cemented in!

​Day Two of 24 Hour Teeth is a very short visit for the patient. The patient is seated right away and the teeth are inserted immediately.

Dr. Gibney quickly ensures that the bite between the upper and lower teeth fit properly. If there are any discrepancies, he quickly adjusts either arch. Once the bite is corrected, the teeth are cemented into place. The patient is given a mirror and the beauty of 24 Hour Teeth is unveiled!

Once surgery is over, Ralph takes another CT scan. Then implant posts are screwed in and Dr. Gibney takes impressions.

After the impressions are taken, Ralph goes home for the day to rest.

Ralph will wear these temporary arches for 4-6 months while his implants sites heal. They act as a protective cast over the implants.

Once the sites are healed and the implants are fully integrated with his bone, he returns to Dr. Gibney's office for final restorations.

These final restorations will be his permanent teeth going forward.

During Ralph's 24 Hour Experience, Dr. Gibney hosted a hands-on course for other implant dentists to learn his technique.

On Day One, Dr. Gibney performed implant surgery in the morning on another patient. Ralph came into the office in the afternoon for his 24 Hour Teeth surgery.

Before the day of surgery, Ralph came into the office for a CT scan. Ralph wore a scanned appliance during the CT scan.

 Wearing the scanned appliance during the CT scan will show Dr. Gibney where the implants will be placed. Reviewing the scan before surgery allows Dr. Gibney to make any changes to the location of implants.

Once the implant locations are confirmed by the scan, Dr. Gibney drills holes into the scanned appliance turning it into his surgical guide.

Ralph's smile changed drastically within 24 hours.  If you are interested in this process, call us today!

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Ralph gives us a quick interview after his new teeth are cemented in.

Ralph's 24 Hour Teeth Story

Day Two

Implant surgery begins around 2:00 pm for Ralph.

Dr. Gibney is finished before 2:45 pm.

Ralph has had 5 implants placed on top and 2 implants placed on the bottom.

Ralph has been coming to Dr. Gibney for many years. Each visit has been small fixes for long term dental problems.

​As Ralph's previous dental work started to fail, he decided it was time for him to try something different.

This is Ralph's 24 Hour Teeth experience.

While Ralph is prepped for surgery, Dr. Gibney reviews the scanned images and makes his plan for surgery.

Dr. Gibney checks for overall position but also that the implant angles do not hit any nerves.

Once the temporary teeth are computer generated, Dr. Gibney sends the information electronically to the dental mill.

The teeth will be milled overnight.