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​Home of American Academy of Implant Dentistry's 2017 Table Clinic Winner - "24 Hour Teeth"!

Tim's implant sites have healed and Dr. Gibney delivered the permanent, final teeth.

Tim's 24 Hour Teeth case began early on Day One with dental implant surgery.

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The pictures above are Tim's smile before he began 24 Hour Teeth.

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​24 Hour Teeth

Tim's smile changed drastically within 24 hours.  If you are interested in this process, call us today!

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The picture to the right show's Tim's upper post-operation. Dr. Gibney placed 7 dental implants.

Tim's 24 Hour Teeth

​Dr. Gibney has developed a revolutionary technique for creating a beautiful smile within 24 hours. 


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Tim is a long time patient of Dr. Gibney's. His teeth have been steadily declining in health. Throughout the years, Dr. Gibney has been fixing Tim's teeth with temporary solutions. When Dr. Gibney developed his "24 Hour Teeth", Tim was one of the first patients to sign up.

The below picture show's Tim's temporary teeth. He lived with them cemented in for four months while his implant sites healed.