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​Dr. Gibney has developed a revolutionary technique for creating a beautiful smile within 24 hours. 


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Why Choose 24 Hour Teeth?

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​​It's FAST!

After an initial consultation, the 24 Hour Teeth process begins early on Day One.  The dental implant surgery begins and takes approximately two hours.  The patient is sent home to rest while the bottom temporary teeth are milled.  The patient returns later that day to have their temporary lower teeth cemented in.

​The upper teeth mill overnight and the patient returns early on Day Two to have them cemented in.  The patient is typically done within one hour on Day Two.

What is full contour zirconia, FCZ?

We use FCZ for our final bridge product.​  Similar to PMMA, it is stored in a puck and available in different shades of white.  The zirconia has a chalk like consistency that is ideal for the milling process. After milling, it is sintered in an oven overnight changing the physical properties of the material. The sintered material is very hard and is suitable for use in the mouth as a final restoration.

​​​​​​​​24 Hour Teeth is NOT the same thing as dentures!

24 Hour Teeth are cemented in using classic crown and bridge techniques.  The final restorations, made from FCZ, are cemented to the implant posts.

They are permanent, the patient will never remove them. After the final restorations are in place and the implant sites have healed, the patient can eat all foods again, hassle-free. The patient has their smile and confidence back.

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​24 Hour Teeth

​​​​​​​​The results are white teeth only, no pink gums!

​The temporary and permanent teeth are made up of only the teeth.

The temporary teeth are made out of polymethylmethacrylate, PMMA.  The permanent teeth are made out of full contour zirconia, FCZ.  There are no fake, pink gums above the teeth - just your real gums! Eliminating the gums from the arches helps reduce the risk of infection while giving the appearance of real teeth.

What is polymethylmethacrylate, PMMA?

PMMA is a resin polymer used in the fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges. It is used either in a powder/liquid system that is mixed chairside or a polymerized puck that is suitable for milling. While we use the chairside technique for single teeth and short (3-4 tooth) bridges, we prefer the pucks that are milled for larger cases - such as 24 Hour Teeth.

​The milled restorations used for 24 Hour Teeth are far superior in homogeneity, strength, esthetics, and marginal integrity. Fabricating a temporary using the mill opposed to chairside, requires a significant amount of time, technical expertise, and equipment. The milled restorations require a scanner, design software, and a mill. Our office is fully equipped to create both types of restorations.

​The PMMA acts like a cast for the new dental implants, similar to how an orthopedic surgeon would use a cast to immobilize a fractured leg. If the dental implants are allowed to move without any micro movement they will integrate with the bone. If the implants are subject to forces that cause them to move during the bone integration process, the implants will fail and have to be removed. The milled PMMA restorations fit precisely and are very strong. These properties make it an ideal material to immobilize the implants during the integration process.